We Make It Our Goal To Please Him. 2 Corinthians 5:9
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The Congregation which meets at 29th & Yale


In the mid-1950’s southeast Tulsa promised to be one of the fastest growing parts of the city. After many meetings, men from several Tulsa congregations decided on a new work.


On March 19, 1956 they met at the Eastside church of Christ to organize a new congregation with the first worship service scheduled on April 1st at the Hoover Elementary School, 2327 S. Darlington.


Two hundred thirty-three assembled for that initial Sunday morning as Delmar Owens, minister of Eastside, preached the first sermon. From September 1956 to January 1957, Stafford North, of Central Christian College in the Bartlesville, continued to preach on Sundays.


In July of that year, two acres were contracted at 29th & Yale. Architect Cecil Stanfield designed the first phase of the building to be finished in October.

The 29th & Yale congregation continues to seek God’s will in reaching out to the world and, in particular to a surrounding neighborhood of over 5,000 households.