We Make It Our Goal To Please Him. 2 Corinthians 5:9
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We are very happy to have you visit with us for one of our times of worship. It is our desire that our times of worship bring glory to God and give encouragement to all those present. There are some things which you can expect to take place, and we will try to describe these for you below.


What shall I wear to church?
Members and guests wear what they feel comfortable with. Some wear suits and ties, while others are more casually dressed. We do not judge anyone by their outward appearance – the inside is what counts! The only standard that we ask is that our members dress modestly.


What if I don’t feel worthy to attend church?
If you feel unworthy, you will fit right in. None of us are worthy to be here. We are all sinners who have been forgiven by God’s grace. In fact, some of our folks have a pretty bad track record.


Do I have to give money?
Members of the family are given an opportunity to help support the work of the church. There is no high pressure, guilt or manipulation talks. A prayer of thanksgiving and blessing is offered before we pass the collection trays. Guests are not required or expected to give.


Is there a program for my children?
YES.  Just follow this link to the Children’s Page.


What is the Worship Service like?
Simple. Orderly. Thoughtful.
We can set the time, temperature, and location, but God desires true worshipers who worship in spirit and truth.(John 4)


Our service includes…
Prayer: You will find that we usually pray several times during our worship service. We thank and praise God for all that He has done for us physically and spiritually; we ask for God’s blessing on the church and our mission; we plead for strength for those who are sick and suffering; and we seek spiritual renewal and strength.


Praying is a natural expression of personal and collective talks with God. Those selected to lead the public wording of prayers are people like you. They have no special ranking in holy living or position over any others. They may or may not be certain leaders of the church, such as elders or deacons. They will direct our assembly in prayer thoughts, yet never stand as persons whose worded thoughts are perfectly representative of deep, personal thoughts of our own.


Prayer time is by no means limited to only those moments when certain ones are leading us in public prayer. We believe that the privilege of our praying together is orderly in public assemblies, but prayer itself is far too intimate to be limited only to set times or words of others.


Singing: A very uplifting portion of our worship together comes from our congregational singing. Here, our voices can blend into praises and thanksgiving to God. Also, singing is regarded by the Bible to be instructional and encouraging to one another. By singing about the love and mercy of the Lord, we build each other up in mutual strength.


We sing several songs during the worship. The words are projected on a screen at the front of the auditorium and hymn books are also provided. We sing a variety of songs from old favorite hymns to some of the newer praise and worship songs. We choose not to use special choirs or instruments of music in our worship. We believe in using only the voices of worshipful hearts blending together in praise to God and love for one another. This is a conviction of ours in order to follow the New Testament pattern for worship. Vocal ability in singing is no requirement, rather heartfelt expressions of love for God and those who are worshiping with you.


We hope you will receive as great a blessing from sharing in our singing as we do.


We encourage everyone to follow the directives in Ephesians 5:18-21 and Colossians 3:16-17


Communion: Sunday is regarded as the Lord’s Day or the day which commemorates His triumphant resurrection from the grave. Just before his death, Christ instituted certain emblems which He asked His disciples long ago, and today, to reverence as symbols of His body and His blood offered on the cross. The emblems remain just emblems. They are not worshiped in themselves, but are the reminders of Christ whose sacrifice for our sins is brought to our minds when we partake of them as His believers.


We observe this communion every Sunday because He requested it to be done “often”. Examples taken from the Bible reveal that early Christians customarily met on the “first day of the week to break bread.” It is appropriate, then, for Christians throughout the ages to respect the same meaning for the beginning of each week as did our earliest brethren of the 1st century.


Giving: Giving of money is only one way believers offer strength to the work of the church. Volunteer time and talent are frequently offered by members.


Our guests are not obligated to contribute. Our giving is a personal and church family affair. The collection is for our members to support our church’s good works.


Teaching: The example of the early church was on the first day of the week. Our worship assemblies include a spoken message. The Bible says that faith comes from hearing the word of Christ, and that without faith no one can please God or draw near to Him for the guidance and strength He offers.


Our preaching minister, or any other speaker who addresses our congregation, is obligated to speak only what can be supported by the Bible.


Bible Reading:  Paul urged a young evangelist named Timothy to continue reading the Scriptures publicly (1 Timothy 4:15). If you do not have a Bible, there are Bibles available for use in the seats. If you would like a Bible of your own, just ask and we will give a copy to you.


Church Events:  In order to keep our family informed, a few brief announcements are made regarding upcoming events, special programs and the critical physical needs of our members. A church bulletin is printed each week with a list of events, announcements, schedules and news updates.


Do You Have Other Questions?
Please call our office or e-mail us with other questions, comments or concerns. We would enjoy talking with you.